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The Roman Medicine Roadshow is an award winning project produced and managed by Big Heritage and supported by the Wellcome Trust. It explores the history and archaeology of medicine and medical practices in Britain throughout the Roman occupation of AD43- c.410, including the medical treatment of pre- and post-Roman societies. Participants learn about medicine and health in the Roman world, including the historical impact of medical science. It also explores people's ideas and attitudes towards health, medicine and the human body during this period.


The project has worked with thousands of school children across the north of England, and delivered a unique range of roadshow workshops, from festivals in Britain’s remotest village to the annual Big Bang Science Fair, attracting over 70,000 children and young adults.

A very inclusive, brave and sensory approach to the interpretation of Roman medicine and the practice of archaeological osteology. It combined exciting live interpretation in non-heritage venues and active school workshops to appeal to all learning styles, based on good formative and short-term summative evaluation. A project that truly provokes thought.” - Judges comments, Association of Heritage Interpretation

The RMR has visited hundreds of schools and large events, as Light Night at MoL and the Big Bang Fair

The RMR has visited hundreds of schools and large events, as Light Night at MoL and the Big Bang Fair

If you would like to know more about the project and how your school might get involved please contact Big Heritage:

AHI Award

The Roman Medicine Roadshow was winner at the Association of Heritage Interpretation Awards. The award recognised the project's outstanding ability to reach audiences, with Dr Lloyd Grossman complimenting the Big Heritage team for their creative approach to engagement. You can read more about the AHI and the award here:

Lloyd Grossman presents national heritage award to Big Heritage