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In 2014 the landowners of Land's End in Cornwall, Heritage Great Britain PLC, were surprised to discover that rabbits had been burrowing in the fields and displacing lots of prehistoric flints. It generated a lot of interest locally, nationally and internationally. The result was a renewed interest in the history and heritage of the site.


Heritage Great Britain commissioned Big Heritage to provide a brief background report on the heritage assets that were either within the boundaries of Land’s End or in the immediate vicinity. Previous archaeological research and the presence of numerous surviving prehistoric, early medieval and post-Conquest monuments clearly demonstrated that this area of Cornwall has a rich heritage. Big Heritage were asked to design a new heritage offering. We began by identifying important and visually interesting sites in the landscape that could be used to create a free 'Land's End Heritage Trail Booklet' for visitors and locals alike.

(L-R) Bronze Age cairn, early medieval stone cross and the entrance to the Iron Age Hillfort.

(L-R) Bronze Age cairn, early medieval stone cross and the entrance to the Iron Age Hillfort.

There are so many fantastic sites that choosing which should feature on the trail was the hardest task and we eventually created two trails to take them all in. We settled on nine locations dating from the Mesolithic to the seventeenth century, including a Iron Age Hillfort, prehistoric burial mound and a pub which local folklore connects to smugglers.  The trails also lead visitors to some of the most scenic locations in the area. The Heritage Trail is 4.3 miles (7.3km) in total – the North Walk at 2.8 miles (4.6km) in length and the South Walk at 1.6 miles (2.7km) in length.


To broaden the appeal of the trail Big Heritage and Heritage GB created a 'Pastport' for the young members of the family, who can travel back through history and get their 'Pastports' stamped at the end of their journey.


Beyond the delivered product, a real success-story lay in the amount of PR we were able to raise for a tourist site that benefits hugely from positive press. The story of the discovery of the flint artefacts and the subsequent project work was featured in multiple newspapers, on TV and websites across the globe, including radio interviews in Chicago and New York, news coverage from the BBC and Moscow TV, articles in The Mirror, Daily Mail, Independent and Guardian, plus a spot on the list for the Top 5 Discoveries of 2014' by the History Channel. There was an estimated £175,000 of PR for Land’s End within six-weeks of working with Big Heritage on a project that had only a £10,000 budget and included the delivery of products which both changed the image of the site and massively enhanced the visitor experience.

Big Heritage helped us to realise our heritage potential at Land’s End. Their creativity and support in driving interest from the media has had a lasting impact.”

Peter Johnson-Traherne,

Director, Heritage GB plc