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Join us on 'Our Human Journey'

Help us crowd-fund an education in human evolution for UK children.

Big Heritage are proud to present “Our Human Journey” – a classroom-based workshop designed to explore the origins of our humanity. Utilising archaeological evidence from Britain and beyond, we bring millions of years of evolution to life in the classroom, exploring our family tree from its earliest origins to the present day. Designed and delivered by archaeologists, this is the first workshop of it's kind in the UK and an exciting opportunity to inspire, engage and expand young minds. It is designed for both primary and secondary schools, with content adjusted to be age appropriate.

Why we've launched this workshop

As a non-profit company passionate about education, we've spent the last few years working in schools across the UK engaging pupils with the awesomeness of archaeology and our rich human past. Despite success, we've been stunned at the lack of basic understanding of evolution, the long human journey and the ingenuity of our species that has survived and flourished over hundreds of thousands of years. The final spur for this initiative was discovering a well-funded 'education' charity offering free workshops to schools on all manner of topics from abstinence to history, which questioned the legitimacy of evolution and archaeological evidence.  We as archaeologists felt that we had a duty to correct this, but needed to ensure a level playing field by offering our workshops for free too......but we need your help to do it.

human evolution in your hands

Get hands on with evolution in your classroom


Crowd souce an education for a UK child

After factoring in staff costs, travel to any school in the UK mainland, insurance and materials, our full day human evolution workshop costs us approximately £10 to run for every child. We're therefore offering you the opportunity to invest in the minds of the UK's children by funding one workshop place for one UK child.

Every time we reach the magic number of £400, we will send out our team free of charge to a UK school. We're initially targeting schools in areas with the highest percentage of children living in poverty. Our grand aim is to eventually reach every child in the UK, but we're working upwards from the least privileged children.

Individuals and companies can also sponsor or contribute to a evolution workshop for their local school!

If you would like us to visit a specific school of your choice, you can fund a full workshop for £400 and tell us what school you want us to visit. You can do this as an individual, a family, a parental committee or even a local business. We'll make sure the school acknowledge your support and you'll receive a personalised 'thanks' from those taking part. If you share our passion for science, archaeology and a good education for all, then please support our project!

Click below to support our project, £10 equates to one child place, £400 is a full day workshop for a class of your choice in the UK. Support us whatever way you can, every penny helps!


If you are unable to support us financially, we'd really appreciate you spreading the word of our workshops, and sharing the flyer below with your local primary and secondary schools:

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