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A community pop-up museum in Birkenhead attracting nearly 7000 visitors over just 18 days.
Big Heritage helps to raise educational aspirations in many socio-economically deprived areas in Wirral and provides inspiration for affecting positive community, social and environmental change through its many events and workshops.
Report from the LJMU Centre for Public Health

Connecting Communities

Big Heritage improve communities across the UK by using their history and archaeology as a conduit for bringing people together. You and your neighbour may have different religion, race, language, sexuality or age; yet whether you realise it or not, you will always have your local heritage in common. Our team are experienced in using this 'common ground' to improve communities, and can work with you to reach your community targets. Examples include community excavation, World War I exhibits, reminiscence projects, pop-up museums and more.
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Our solutions are creative, innovative and award-winning


We combine heritage projects with improving the environment.


Our work is inclusive for all ages and abilities

Results Driven

We provide measurable social, economical and community impact

See our ground-breaking community excavation project 'Discovering Bromborough'