Big Heritage inspires new Pokémon GO game locations and launches free Primary School workshops.

March 20, 2018

Hundreds of new PokéStops will be springing up in Pokémon GO this month, thanks to nominations from players who attended last summer’s blockbuster Big Heritage event in Chester.

The event attracted well over 16,000 people over two days and encouraged players of the popular mobile game to learn more about the history and heritage of Chester whilst getting the chance to catch Pokémon with people from around the world.

Event organisers Big Heritage and the publisher and developer of Pokémon GO, Niantic, Inc., gave attendees the chance to nominate their own PokéStop – a cultural or historical place of interest that is highlighted within the game – and were inundated with nominations. The chosen points of interest are now live’ within the game, thanks to the excellent contributions of local players and community members.

Big Heritage founder, Dean Paton said: “We’re so pleased that these new PokéStops have gone live – the vast majority of people took real time and care to think about the historic places around them, or to try and discover them if they’d not known about them previously. It’s a nice legacy from the summer 2017 event. We’re looking forward to our next event in Chester - it’s in a brand new city, and it’s going to be as fab as last year.”

The partnership between Niantic and Big Heritage has also seen free Primary School workshops delivered across the North West region, where children are inspired through the game to learn more about local history, geography and exploring the world around them.

“At Niantic we are always pushing the boundaries of what our AR experiences can do for people and their communities and encouraging players to explore and connect with the undiscovered places around them,” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic. “We are thrilled to see the efforts of players come to life through the Heritage event in Chester and look forward to empowering communities around the world to rediscover their local histories.”

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