Roman Medicine Roadshow @ Museum of Liverpool 17th-18th May

April 22, 2013


We have pleasure in announcing that the Roman Medicine Roadshow will be running a two-day medical extravaganza at The Museum of Liverpool on 17th-18th May 2013.

To coincide with the Liverpool Light Night festival, we will be invading the atrium of the museum, bringing with us a host of family-friendly activities themed upon the history of medicine in the Roman world.

Activities include:

  • Full gladiatorial battles in the museum atrium - with battle wounds operated on 'live' by Galen of Pergamon
  • Discover 1st Century style 'Embarrassing Bodies' with our wandering Roman doctor
  • Have your own battle wounds ;'inflicted' by the fab prosthetics from 'So Coco Rouge' - something gory for young and old alike!
  • Join our osteoarchaeologist to discover the evidence that skeletons can provide about illness and medicine in the ancient would
  • Join the Roman folk-healer to learn the importance of herbs, magic and the Gods to Roman medicine
  • Learn from the skilled tool-maker how precise Roman surgery equipment was made


All events are free of charge, and will be running from 4pm-8pm on Friday 17th May and 10am-4pm of Saturday 18th May.


This event is supported by The Wellcome Trust.




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