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Pride in the Past

See the exhibition from February 1 - 26

At the Grosvenor Museum, and Chester Indoor Market

Uncover the hidden history of LGBT Cheshire, with this exhibition, a result of the joint project between Chester Pride and Big Heritage. Learn the sometimes surprising past of LGBT people in Chester and the wider county. From the founding of the Roman fort in 79AD, right through to modern day, the entire history of Cheshire has been reexamined from an LGBT perspective.Chester Pride Logo

Big Heritage has assisted by providing brand new interpretation of objects in the collections of the Grosvenor Museum and Cheshire Records Office, plus providing additional research to uncover this hidden story. Alongside the historical artefacts, a brand new collection of modern day items has been created, and these will be deposited with the Grosvenor Museum to start a collection of contemporary LGBT artefacts. The personal histories of several LGBT residents of Chester and Cheshire, have also been recorded through a series of oral history interviews. These can be heard at the exhibition, and will be deposited with the Cheshire Record Office and British Library Sound Archive so that they can be used by researchers in the future.

Gay right campaigner Antony Grey
The crowd at Chester Pride 2013
The Ladies of Llangollen
Alan Turing
Once the exhibition is done, the research, recordings and images will be uploaded to the Chester Pride website, so that it can be kept as a digital archive for years to come.

Visit to find out more about the exhibtion, and see the digital archive of the research when the exhibition is complete.

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Heritage Lottery Funded
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