Land’s End launch new heritage initiative

July 22, 2014

In January 2014, a family of wild rabbits at Land’s End accidentally uncovered a collection of 8,000-year-old flint scrapers and arrowheads whilst burrowing their warrens. This incredible discovery prompted Land’s End to commission a thorough archaeological investigation by Big Heritage – an award winning heritage and archaeology organisation. The findings made by the team have revealed that Land’s End sits at the centre of Bronze Age burial mounds, an Iron Age hill fort, and its stunning coastline may once have been a key site for collecting flint for processing tools and weapons.

In the present, over 400,000 visitors journey to Land’s End every year and these ancient discoveries evidence the fact that people have actually been travelling to, living and working at Land’s End for thousands of years. So, with this in mind, the new ‘Land’s End Heritage Trail Booklet, Map and ‘Pastports’ are being launched in time for the summer holidays to help visitors to West Cornwall get the most from this amazing heritage landscape and coastline.
The Heritage Trail comprises 4.3 miles (7.3km) of archaeology and discovery and is split into two distinct walks – the North Walk at 2.8 miles (4.6km) in length and the South Walk at 1.6 miles (2.7km) in length. Combined, the walks take approximately two hours to complete and encompass a series of fascinating historical landmarks covering the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and early medieval periods. There’s even a stop-off point in one of Cornwall’s most historic pubs – The First and Last Inn.

This summer, guests will be invited to collect their Land’s End Heritage Trail booklet from the visitor centre on arrival at the famous Landmark and to journey through a fascinating landscape bursting with history and heritage at the westernmost point of Cornwall. And when younger visitors have completed their adventure, they’ll be encouraged to return to the Visitor Centre to have their Pastport stamped as a lasting memento of their journey through time.
Land’s End will continue to coordinate with Big Heritage, as well as other partner organisations, to carry out further investigation on-site and to protect and preserve Land’s End Landmark for future generations. In the meantime, the Land’s End Heritage Trail booklet, map and Pastport is now available for all visitors to pick-up from the Landmark visitor centre on arrival.

The first visitors receive their heritage trail packs

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