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I am one of the two non executive directors at Big Heritage. I am also the Chair of Governors at three Wirral Schools and one of 350 National Leaders of Governance across the country. I support school governing boards across the North West to sharpen their practice, self-evaluate and, hopefully, improve their performance.

I am an award winning governor, a national speaker on governance, and I have a particular interest in the strategic role that all governors play in their schools to ensure that all children receive a good education. I am also the safeguarding governor in all the schools I govern. My particular particular concern is the stability of placements for Children Looked After and I sit on a variety of Wirral’s statutory boards representing the views of some 2,000 Wirral governors. I am also a Trustee at a local charity and I have formed my own company to deal with my governance work.

I was home carer for my late daughter (Cystic Fibrosis) for 20 years and I have some understanding of the needs of children with a Special Educational Need. I also have a keen interest in the issues around mental health, particularly for young people, and I am currently completing a Mental Health First Aid course.

Favourite Historic Site/Monument: Pompeii but without the tourists.

Favourite find: Spending time with Dean in the Museum of Liverpool as he talked about some artifacts on display was better than anything I had read or heard before.

Interesting Facts: The Big Heritage team have never managed to get me in wellies!

If I was in charge for one day: I would ensure the Trevi Fountain poured with gin. I would also go back to school as I think schools are far more exciting today than they were in my day.

Jane Owens

Non Executive Director