History for Health

January 14, 2013
Gary Duckers


Big Heritage would like to announce The History for Health project which aims to introduce men aged 55+, a demographic  who are at risk from health issues, to the amazing world of landscape archaeology. The project is funded by the NHS Wirral Public Health Innovation Fund.

Wirral contains a considerable wealth of unrecorded archaeology which can only be explored by putting on a coat and a pair of boots and exploring! Big Heritage will be leading three groups of 15 men out across the fields of Wirral to explore, discover, record and interpret archaeological remains, the bulk of which will be unknown to the general public. Providing them with skills to be able to identify and record these features will impart them with life-skills they can use independently of the project, using archaeology as a mechanism for engaging older men with exercise for both the mind and body.

The course will include an introductory session to archaeology, field training in geophysics, earthwork surveying and field walking. Upon completion, the project will conclude with a public presentation of the collated results of the group's fieldwork and research, which will then be made available to the Historic Environment Record. Places are available for men aged 55+ and above from the specific post-codes across Wirral. Details will be announced in early February on how to apply for a place.


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