Finds without Frontiers – Our first pop-up museum set to launch

February 11, 2014

We are really pleased to announce that the first of our 'Finds without Frontiers' projects is about to be launched, which takes archaeology and history out of museum collections and brings them to the very heart of the community they belong to.

From 17th February to 21st March, our first centre, called "Wirral Through The Ages" will open at The Pyramids Shopping Centre who have most generously supported this initiative with shop space and financial support to bring the project to realisation. We have received incredible support from Grosvenor Museum and Museum of Liverpool to bring Wirral's greatest treasures back to the area and on display together for the first time and will be running a series of activities and events across six weeks.

Big Heritage have wonderful working relationships with a number of museums across the UK, and we believe that museums are far more than repositories for artefacts. They are places to teach us, entertain us and enthral us. They are places to provoke us, warn us and remind us of mistakes and disasters we have collectively made as a nation and indeed a species. They are places to make us feel proud of who we are, tell us where we have come from and suggest to us where we may be headed.

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Finds from Discovering Bromborough will be on display

We feel it is hugely important therefore to bring these attributes deep into the heart of Britain's communities, starting on our doorstep in Birkenhead, the main town of Wirral. On display will be finds stretching deep into Wirral's past, and will include finds from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Iron Age, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval and Post-Medieval periods. The public will be able to visit every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with schools and community groups able to book personalised tours of the finds exploring the awesomeness of Wirral's past.

We are also pleased that the finds from our hugely successful Discovering Bromborough project will also be displayed for the first time, having been excavated, cleaned, identified and now curated by the same amazing community volunteers. This is one of the first opportunities for a community group to truly take ownership of their heritage, and we as a team of professionals have had a 'light touch' approach in this aspect to ensure their voices are heard above ours.

We see this as the first of many Finds Without Frontiers projects, and are very grateful to our museum partners but most of all The Pyramids Shopping Centre for their fantastic support and shared vision.

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Good start! Saw the Precinct exhibition this morning. Keep up the good work. Ken Lord


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