‘Discovering Bromborough’ Project announced

May 27, 2013

Exciting community-dig announced for Summer 2013

We have pleasure in announcing the launch of our summer 2013 community dig "Discovering Bromborough" which has received £10,000 funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project will see members of the Bromborough community digging a range of test-pits in gardens and public spaces throughout the village this summer. It is hoped that the work will shed light upon the fortunes of Bromborough throughout history, which by 1066 formed one of the richest estates in Cheshire and was held by the Anglo-Saxon Earl Edwin.

The aim of the project is to bring the people of Bromborough together to explore the history of the place they live from its earliest beginnings through to the present day. The ‘hands on’ approach has been designed to instil a greater sense of belonging and pride in the community and involves a wide spectrum of the community in its planning, delivery and evaluation.

The funding has allowed the Big Heritage team to expand, and we are pleased to welcome Joanne Kirton to the team to act as a project manager. Joanne has considerable experience in excavation, and has already undertaken archaeological investigation in Bromborough.

Joanne said “ I'm really excited to be joining Big Heritage for the Discovering Bromborough project. The evidence suggests that Bromborough was a regionally important settlement in the Anglo-Saxon period. A number of significant Early Medieval monuments have been discovered around the core of the village over the last 150 years, but very little archaeological excavation has taken place to try and understand why the village was once so wealthy or to chart its earlier history and later fortunes.”


The project will see archaeologist Joanne Kirton joining the Big Heritage team.


Big Heritage director, Dean Paton has been researching the origins of Bromborough for a number of years, and is excited about launching the first public archaeology project in the area. Dean said “In the 21st century, there are so many differences between people, but we all share the history of where we live, regardless if we are new migrants to an area or lived our whole lives in one place. Discovering Bromborough will help residents to explore their own sense of place by searching for evidence of human activity in the past.”

A public consultation will be taking place in Bromborough Scout Hut on 9th June at 12pm, and is open for all Bromborough residents and stakeholders to attend. It will include a talk on the history of Bromborough and give people the chance to sign up their own garden for an excavation.


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