BH official sponsors of Community Superstar Awards

December 17, 2013

BH official sponsors of Community Superstar Awards

Big Heritage are proud to be official sponsors of the Community Superstars Awards. The awards celebrate special individuals or organisations that have made a real difference to their local community. We are personally sponsoring the educational excellence awards, recognising people from the city who have motivated others to fulfil their potential and aim for success; or have accomplished their goals by willpower and outstanding personal ability.

Crucially, funding raised at the event will be used to support the 'Out of Liverpool' Project, taking 21 NEETS from Liverpool on an amazing journey to the heart of rural Kenya, to the ‘Memusi Foundation’. Here they will spend two weeks, living and breathing the life of a 3rd sector volunteer working to help young children escape poverty through education This will not just benefit the 21, but aims to promote a legacy in areas of deprivation and continue year on year, changing attitudes and building bridges for the benefit of Liverpool and its people.


Children from Memusi school, Kenya

Big Heritage founder said: “We passionately believe in the concepts of ‘community’ and ‘society’ and so are incredibly proud to be corporate supporters of Community Superstar Awards, which recognises those individuals and groups who have gone the extra mile to make their communities better places to live. Equally as important is the opportunity these awards will give to provide young people from Merseyside with a life-changing experience to visit Kenya. This country is the home-land of every single human being on the planet, and so we are delighted to be able to assist a group of young people to learn more about where they’ve come from, and where they could go.


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