#ArchaeoOnesie Competition Launch

August 16, 2013

#ArchaeoOnesie - you know you want one!


After a semi-drunk team event, we came up with the idea to launch a competition for Big Heritage fans offering the most exclusive range of stylish archaeologically themed bed-wear. Be the envy of your friends by digging on site in comfort or perhaps attend a conference or visit a historic venue in your exclusive #ArchaeoOnesie !!

Each month, we're getting an expert from the world of archaeology to nominate an #ArchaeoOnesie hero, outlining the reason they're so passionate about their own time period and giving readers a few interest facts to broaden their knowledge (there had to be an educational catch I'm afraid, it's what we do!). We then produce a themed #ArchaeoOnesie and give it away in a competition to our lovely followers.

How to win:

It's simple! To be in with a chance of winning our first themed ArchaeoOnesie, simply tweet the #ArchaeoOnesie hashtag or share our competition page on Facebook using the same phrase. We will put all of your names into an Early Medieval helmet (no, really we will!) and draw one out at random. Winners will be announced and their onesie will be posted out once we've got their size details.

To kick us of, our early Prehistory Ambassador Becky Wragg Syke has nominated her ArchaeoOnesie hero.....

The Neandertal....

"Homo neanderthalensis, or Neandertals, are my #ArchaeoOnesie heroes because they are endlessly fascinating and challenging to understand. They survived as a species for almost 300,000 years, adapting to an enormous range of climates and environments. They were there with woolly rhinoceros and mammoths in the freezing plains of the ice age, and alongside hippos, giant hyaenas and macaques in the warm interglacial forests between the cold stages. Their world reached from Britain into Siberia and south to the Near East, and they had a much more diverse stone tool culture than their popular image suggests, including sophisticated blades and handaxes- multipurpose pieces that were carried for long distances and re-sharpened many times.

ssNeandertals are constantly surprising us with the more we delve into the archaeological record, and nobody can now claim they were shambling brutes. They manufactured the first synthetic material- birch bark pitch- to make tools with handles, they ate cooked plant food as well as being extremely skilled hunters, and it seems more and more likely that they were producing their own symbolic culture including using mineral pigments, shells and possibly even bird feathers. Now we know from new DNA evidence that our own species has a genetic inheritance from these incredible ancient people, it's even more cool to realise that Neandertals didn't completely die out: we are carrying their long legacy with us into our shared hominin future."


 So, there we go guys, Becky's got the ball rolling and our first Homo Neanderthalensis #ArchaeoOnesie has been designed already, and it ready to be shipped out to one lucky winner! Get tweeting, facebooking and spreading one #ArchaeoOnesie love!